Minimal Shoes at a Fraction of the Cost

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Today’s Workout
For Time:
30 Pull ups
30 KB swings
30 double unders
30 OH squats (95/65)
–5 min rest–
2 rounds
15 pull ups
15 KB swings
15 double unders
15 OH squats
–5 min rest–
3 rounds
10 pull ups
10 KB swings
10 double unders
10 OH squats
– note the total time as well as the time for each sectionIf you’ve been bitten by the ‘barefoot running bug’, you’re not alone… it’s now a major part of the running shoe market. Making the switch to barefoot shoes is a great first step, but it’s far from the panacea that shoemakers want you to believe. Read The Once and Future Way to Run from yesterday’s NY Times – running barefoot must be accompanied by significant changes in running technique for it to translate to a reduction of running injuries and an improvement in body health.

I’ve seen a LOT of reviews of all the latest and greatest shoe ‘technology’ for minimal / barefoot shoes… from Vibrams and VivoBarefoot to Inov-8 and New Balance… and the one thing they ALL have in common is HIGH PRICE… for pretty much EVERY model, there’s a price tag of over $100!

But here’s something you probably didn’t know… elite runners have been running in minimal shoes for YEARS. Why? An ounce saved in weight leads directly to faster times in races. Track athletes wear spikes (talk about minimal soles), and cross-country runners wear cross-country flats… yes, very light, and very minimal. Guess what – cross-country flats look an awful lot like many of the “new” minimal shoes… and they’re available for a fraction of the price ($60-70). If you want to see what I’m talking about, here’s a link to a Zappo’s search for cross-country flats… Saucony Kilkenny & Shay, Brooks Mach 13, Adidas RLH & XCS. You can see from the pictures that while they won’t give you a truly minimal experience like Vibrams or VivoBarefoots (I know, I have a pair of the Adidas), they’re right there with ANY of the other minimal shoes including Inov-8, New Balance, and Merrell.

Check it out… anyone else out there besides me wearing cross-country flats for their barefoot runs?

Captain Exercise makes a rare appearance at CFLA!



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