Missing the mark

Missing the mark


For time:
750m row
25 burpees
500m row
50 burpees
250m row
75 burpees


Quarterly Check-in Week
21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
Deadlifts (225/135)
Handstand Push ups

Original Test Date: 1/7/13Last weekend I came into the CrossFit Open Workout 13.4 fully intending to get a certain score. I was going to get 90 reps. I had a plan, I knew I could do it; it was all timed out. Then I went as hard as I possibly could. And I didn’t get 90, I got 80. In personal terms I came close. In sporting terms, not really that close. The question was, what was I going to do with it?

In one world I could be mad at myself. I didn’t think that 90 would be easy, but I DID think it was a done deal. In another world, if I hadn’t said 90, I never even would have gotten 80. Making the statement, pointing to the fence, was what had me do it like it was a done deal. Not hoping, declaring like it was already true and all I had to do was play it back like a video had me give it everything I had. AND, I was simply wrong about what I had in the tank.

When I look at it that way, the only thing that I could really ever be upset about is if I didn’t give it my all. I’m OK with not making the number. That was an estimate. Just goes to show me how accurately I can asses one of two things — what I can do in 7 minutes, or how to pace myself. Ain’t no harm in missing the mark, it’s what you’ll do with it that will give you what you do next.




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