MLM = Cancer in your business

Amway, advocare, monavie, herbal life, avon, tupperware… do any of these companies sound familiar? Are they in YOUR box? Are you risking the future of your business for a “down line” and hawking products that your clients may not really need?

Here’s the scenario, if you’re not sure how MLM works… you sign up “under” a person and pay a registration fee. This fee could be anywhere from $180 (back when I did Amway – yes I did it for a short period) to $2100 (what I believe Advocare is now). With this fee you may or may not get some products however you probably will spend more on that first day. Then you’re coded as part of a down line… meaning every order you place, buying products (we’ll talk about them in a second) from the Mother Company gets the person who signed you a bonus every month.

The products touted are amazing and spectacular and cure blindness… and honestly are just ok. They are, from when I researched them, about 15- 25% higher in price than other products that you could buy in a store. Also, when it comes to supplements like herbal life or advocare, who needs that anyway? Advocare promotes a 24 day Paleo Zone challenge… really? When did the early man have any supplements such as ANYTHING in advocare? Have you actually read the ingredients? What happened to you REALLY supporting a Paleo/Zone lifestyle? Do you see how hawking “miracle pills” is JUST like every other BS artist in the fitness industry?

You’re lying to your clients by promoting this!

No one, that I know, promotes these exact type/amount of products anyway without the MLM aspect… if so, why not just find comparable products from another distributer at wholesale prices and sell them? Because of that darn “down line” is why. Hooking clients on useless products then telling them they will need those products and while you pad your bank account.

Hey, I’m all for doing a more robust business but if you sell MLM in you box you’re stepping over wads of cash to pick up pennies. We’ve documented at CrossFit LA what a client was worth in a 2 year period which is in our free information linked on this blog page.

If you want to make a lot of money and have a secure business have an amazing product, stop charging $150 per month unlimited and charge what you’re REALLY worth, work hard, show up when you’re supposed to, train your duplicate and repeat.

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