“Family Feud” Was a GREAT Day!

“Family Feud” Was a GREAT Day!

Today’s Prodigy (Teens) Workout
4 rounds, for time:
200m Run
20 squats
10 shoulder press

Today’s Weightlifting
Front Squat
3-3-3-3-3Congratulations to everyone who came out for our first CFLA Kids “Family Feud”!

We had 20 people representing 7 different families in the competition! Each family did 80 burpees, 160 situps, 240 squats, and a 1 mile run. It was up to them to divide up the work and create a strategy. It was wonderful to see families, of all different ages and fitness levels, working hard to together and having FUN!

Jack supervises his dad’s burpees.



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