Our Team!

Today’s Workout

“Jumping Annie”

Box Jumps (20″)
Double Unders
Abmat Situps – unanchoredCongratulations to our team… Team CFLA! As many of you know (and witnessed) our top athletes went through 2 days of testing designed to determine 2 things: 1) Their broad capacities across the skills we consider essential to an elite CrossFitter, and 2) Their ability to perform well in WODs. They will be representing CFLA in local competitions over the next 3-4 months, at which time we will hold another Team Trials event (prior to Sectionals/Regionals in the spring).

Please join me in supporting them, and ALL of our Athletes at CFLA… for without our community athlete ‘pool’, having a team at all wouldn’t be possible!

Team Members
Men – Logan, Zach, Jonesy, Sam, Armen, and Don
Women – Shirley, Leslie, Jennifer

Men – Devlin, Omid, Andy P
Women – Tanya, Annita

Leo, Devlin, Matt, Sam, Zach & Logan… as Armen looks on.

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