Monday, Running Monday

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Today’s Workout
Skill: Running drills

1 mile run
-rest 6 minutes-
800 M run
-rest 3 minutes-
400 M runI’m always curious on the night before a running WOD just how many people will show up for class. Even though you might feel like running is ‘something I can do at home, on my own’, I suggest you show up… for two reasons.
1. 95% of the runners I see on the road can use improvement in their running technique… and this is NOT something that you’ll do on your own (most likely).
2. There’s nothing like the impact on your natural competitive instinct like running in a group. Whether you’re first, and running hard to keep anyone from chasing you down; or last, giving it just a little extra to prevent yourself from being any further behind, I guarantee you will run with more commitment, intensity and passion in one of our classes than on your own.

When you show up, keep one thing in mind: You have to let yourself, get yourself to go here… to the competitive, driven, ‘want to win’ side in order to get the benefit of this sort of group training environment. See you tomorrow… ready for some running!

Box jumping for running. What? Running? Yes, running.



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