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A) DE (Dynamic Effort) Press EMOM 8
2 Presses @ 40-50% every min. Focus on explosivity.

B) 10 Min Jerk Practice (fast doubles)
10 Min MU Practice (hip extension priority)

C) 3 RFQ (Rounds for Quality) – 10 Min CAP:
5 Squat Clean and Jerks (AHAP)
10 Burpees
15 Pullups
Hard for me to imagine life without music… it plays such a huge factor in my enjoyment of life! Recently I’ve gotten into producing music through learning two new instruments – voice and guitar. So much fun, and so inspiring! I highly recommend!

Music also plays such a huge motivational role in workouts. I love nothing better than putting on my heavy duty Beats headphones and losing myself in the music during a run.

I’m always listening to the radio, and to other people’s playlists for inspiring new music to add to my playlist. I have some crazy stuff on my list… huge variety in the genre, beat, intensity (Christina Aguilera, Fun, Coldplay, Eddie Vendder, Eminem – just to give you an idea. But somehow they combine into a playlist that really works for me.

Rather than just telling you about my music choices, I thought it would be great if each one of us shares just a little bit about the music we’re listening to for workouts.

Don’t read on to the WOD until you’ve put in at least ONE song that you like to train to – new or old – by the end of the day we should have hundreds of new tracks, if everyone just shares ONE.

1. What are some of your new, favorite tunes to workout to?
2. I use Shazam to identify new songs to add to playlists… How do you find your new music?
3. What genre would you use to describe your top workout playlist?

Answer one, two or all three in comments…

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