MUST HAVE book list

MUST HAVE book list

I’m posting this because some people at our last Raise Your Game seminar asked to see a comprehensive list.

The MUST HAVE list of books needed to run your small business:

In order of priority:
1. The E-Myth: Michael Gerber
2. Overachievement: Dr. John Elroy
3. The Dip: Seth Godin
4. The Tipping Point: Malcolm Gladwell
5. First, Break All the Rules: Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffma
6. Your Success is Your Own Damn Fault: Larry Winget

What have you read? What’s your opinion? What do you need to read? What am I missing and why should it be included?


Find a business blog that you could go to weekly/daily as a weekly source of inspiration if yo have read all the books above.

TTW – this video about a book I’m reading called TRIBAL LEADERSHIP which may make this list soon.



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