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I had a moment coaching the other day when I was in total bliss. It was a Monday afternoon and I had 10 teens in class. They were all doing the workout and had just begun on the rowers. The room was full, the music was loud, but not too loud and I was walking by all of these amazing kids and I was so happy.

It was last fall when coach GC told me he was not going to be able to coach teens anymore. I was sad and nervous all at the same time. It meant I was to take over the teens. Yes, you all know me as the “kids coach” but I truly do love working with teens.

It might be because I was a teenager when I started on my strength training journey. Or because one of my favorite jobs in college was teaching teen strength training at my local YMCA. It’s just so empowering seeing teens (and adults) gain awareness of their bodies and build strength at the same time. What I really love seeing and hearing about is how my students go out into the world and use that confidence and strength they have gained working with me. That’s truly why I love coaching. I love helping people grow, learn and become stronger and more confident in and out of the gym.

To name a few of my favorite things: My favorite musician? India.Arie and one of her her amazing songs, Strength, Courage and Wisdom. My favorite ice cream? Haagen Dazs, vanilla swiss almond. And it wouldn’t be a complete blog post if I didn’t include a recipe for you all. I love eggs and sweets, so here is a little sweet egg treat you should all try and it looks beautiful!


Thursday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill”
2 Rounds on the 15:00
Up, over, back, and up

And Coming Friday

A) Air Squatchella
Focus on spinal extension

B) For quality load, working up across sets
Overhead squats

C) 4 RFT on the 3:00
200m Run
2 Push press (85% of 1RM press)
3 Jerks
–2min Cap–




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