My Dilemma with Delicious Oats

As a child my dad would make us slow cooked oats. He would give us butter and salt and occasionally I’d put some orange juice on them to sweeten them up. I wasn’t a huge fan, but they were warm and somewhat comforting. As a teenager I didn’t eat too many oats, but in college while prepping for a body building show I ate them almost every morning with eggs on the side. After a little break, the love for oats came back. As an adult I’ve eaten them here and there and played with different variations of them usually getting excited about the brown sugar and some fruit on top.  Up until recently all was fine. They tasted great and my body processed them with no problems.

About a month ago I started experimenting with overnight oats. I had seen them in stores, ogled over them on pintrest and had friends tell me they were delicious. I whipped up couple batches and boy were they good. They were easy to make, easy to transport and oh, so delicious and pretty to look at.  The basic premise is equal part oats, milk and maybe yogurt. Add a sweetener if desired, some chia seeds and let them sit overnight. Top them with a little fruit and or possibly nuts and an amazing breakfast has just been made.

The last few times I’ve eaten oats I’ve been wheezy. The first time it was hot oats and I didn’t really want to believe it was them, but everything thing else I ate for breakfast that day was normal like eggs and vegetables. Last week I took my oats to work with me before coaching. I ate some in the car on the way in and a few bites during class. A little while into class I got wheezy, so wheezy I had to use my inhaler. Now I’ve found that this love for oats cannot go on. The trouble with breathing is real. It’s an easy fix just eliminate the oats, so I gave all my oats away the other day. I’m sure sad to see them go, but I hope you all enjoy this inspiration for some over night oats.

Basic Overnight Oats

Use equal parts 1/3 – 1 cup *
*Slow cooking oats
*Nut milk or coconut milk
*possibly yogurt
1-3 teaspoons chia seeds
1/2-1 very rip banana mashed or small drizzle of maple syrup

– Dash of vanilla
– Cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together. Store overnight. You can put in individual jars for easy transport in the morning. Top with fruit and or nuts.


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