My Takeaway From The Whole Life Challenge

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As the Whole Life Challenge nears a close, I’ve been reflecting on how the Challenge has impacted me this time around. I’ve participated in the Challenge many times, and each of these times I have had a different experience. During my first ever WLC I tried my best to get as close to a perfect score as possible. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about my nutrition habits at the time, and I built some great awareness around my choices and developed some solid new habits that I carry with me to this day. This was one of my most beneficial Challenges. This current Challenge looks a lot different for me than that one did, but it and my first are definitely in my Top Two of WLCs completed.

Here are some great things I’ll be walking away from this current Challenge with:

  • Sleep: Sleep is something we are accountable for every day of the entire Challenge. Since the WLC started, I’ve been a lot more intentional about my bedtime, wakeup time, and length of sleep. As a result, my quality of sleep is a lot better now than it was before the WLC started.
  • Reading: My ideal morning routine includes some reading, yet I never actually do it. The discipline that the Challenge brings to life has affected this area, and I’m now reading on many mornings. This isn’t even something that’s required during the Challenge!
  • Journaling: I want to journal for thirty minutes every morning, but that doesn’t mean I actually did it pre-Challenge. Ten minutes of journaling was required for only one week of the Challenge, but now I’ve found myself doing thirty minutes on most mornings ever since then, even though I’m not getting scored for it anymore.
  • Meditating/Breathing: This is something I tried to make a regular habit during a previous WLC, but it didn’t stick. Like journaling, this was only required for ten minutes each day for just one week, but I’m very consistent with continuing this practice now. Also like journaling, there’s no score for this anymore at this point in the Challenge.
  • Electronics/Communication: For one week toward the beginning of the Challenge, we were required to have one hour each day with no communication or electronic media. Although that practice is no longer required or scorred, I’m still making sure that I have at least 30min like this each morning after waking up and each evening before going to sleep.

I’m really pumped that these small habits are already sticking, even after the required time frame for them. It hasn’t all been like this though. Here are some things that still need work:

  • Exercise: I’m averaging 1-2 workouts per week. This is a far cry from the 5 workouts per week that I want to be doing. I’ve yet to increase my workouts during this Challenge, but I am happy that I can look at my WLC results to see where I stand. I’m able to see how much I am and am not working out. Awareness is a great start, but I still need to take some action.
  • Mobilization: I’ll be blunt: My mobilization time is almost nonexistent. This has always been weakness. Usually the only time I mobilize is during a class where the coach of the class assigns mobility work. My WLC results show me just how infrequently I mobilize, so at least I know I need to take more action there.

I like the Whole Life Challenge, because each time I do it, I get something different out of it, and I discover different things that I need to devote more effort to. No matter what though, it’s important that I continue the good habits I’ve implemented even after the Challenge ends. And I must work even harder on my weakness after the Challenge is over. I can’t just stop trying, just because the WLC is over.

How has this Whole Life Challenge affected your life? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Thursday’s Workout

A) 3 RFQD (4min:3min)
Row @ <30 s/min

B) 4 RFQR (20sec:10sec)
Squat cleans (50%)
Kipping Pullups

And Coming Friday

“CFG Open 16.2”





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