My 7-year-old Can Count to 10… Why Can’t You?

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2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00

“Up, Over, Around & Up”
– A distance variation on our beloved Franklin Hill Sprints


A) 4 RFQ on the 3:00
300m Row
12 Jumping Lunges
**Scale to finish each round in 2:00**

B) Pistol Skill Practice (10 min)

C) 3×5 Press (+2 / +5) (15 min)

D) 12-9-6
Deadlifts (62.5-67.5%)
Strict CTB Pull-ups
**5 min cutoff**OK folks… this could get a little uncomfortable. Especially for those are having “challenges” with counting reps.

Guess what? WE KNOW!

And rather than call anyone out here… I’m addressing it on our blog, community wide, because its something for which we all can use a reminder.

You see, not counting reps has an impact way outside of just your own little world. Ever hear of the “Butterfly Effect“?

Counting reps is at the very core of your integrity when you’re a CrossFitter. You see, as members of this community, we’ve all entered into a non-verbal “agreement” without even knowing it… that the sacred number that goes up on the white board is an accurate representation of your work done – in time, reps, weight, rounds, or work done. When you think about it, this is the glue that holds us all together. Without it, nothing. It’s not something we ever discuss… it’s part of the ether, in the sweat left on the rubber mats, the chalk left on the bars, and effort left in the air after a workout.

And by the way – your score… in spite of all the meaning YOU put on it (that you’re too slow, not fast enough, not good enough, always last, can’t keep up, not quite a fire-breather… and that you should be different)… is JUST a number. That’s it… it doesn’t actually mean anything. Not only that, all the people you THINK care about you not being fast enough… DON’T… at all. They’re too busy thinking about their own performance to worry about anyone else.

Here’s the thing… when you (intentionally or not) “mis-count”, you are cheating yourself, cheating your coach, cheating on your classmates, cheating the community at CFLA, and cheating the Universe. If you’re going so fast in a workout that you can’t remember reps, stop and write it down frequently enough to be sure you don’t miss a rep… not a single one. If you don’t, you’re breaking your integrity – your promise to yourself and the rest of the world that your word means something. Does it?

Make it count. At all costs. And yes… it’s that important.

Sums it up. #cleanandjerks #wetalkinboutpractice
Or should it say, “Shut Up and Count!”



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