What Would Be Your Namesake Workout?

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NINALast week, after I complained a little too much about some of the Tiny Hoppa workouts, Chip wrote a workout just for me. He wrote it mainly so I would shut up, but I ended up loving the workout. And I realized that there’s something powerful about a workout being named after you. It’s a honor, for sure, but you secretly hope everyone loves it. Mainly, you hope (secretly) that a workout that you love and was inspired by you puts a hurtin’ on some athletes.

During last Tuesday’s staff meeting, while we meticulously reviewed the programming, we decided to make a workout called the “Niki” for fun. All of the sudden, the meeting came to life a little, and Niki enthusiastically told us her ideal workout, one that she’d be excited to do. The rest of us weren’t too excited about her choices, but it was called “Niki” after all so we had no say. Then we made the “Shirley Brown.” We laughed — and groaned — at some of Shirley’s choices. Kenny decided to actually put the “Niki” and the “Shirley Brown” into the programming rotation.

Then we started to speculate what other coaches and members would write for themselves.

I say, why speculate? Let’s hear it: what would be your namesake workout? What are your favorite movements? What would feel fun and exciting? What do you need to work on most? In the comments, I want to hear your workout. Get creative with the styles, rep schemes, and type. Would it be a time or task workout? A chipper or something fast and furious? Intervals stations? Ascending reps? Would it be more strength or endurance driven or maybe a good balance of both?

I realize we’ll get some jokester WOD’s from you guys, but if we like your workout, who knows, maybe we’ll put your namesake out of the Tiny Hoppa next …



“Da Tiny Hopper”
6AM class will randomly pull a workout from the hopper.


12 MB Sit to stands (20/14)
24 Wall ball (20/14)

B) Pistol Skill Practice

C) 4 RFQ on 2:00
4 Squat Clean and Jerks



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