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As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I thought I’d talk again about consistency, but this time about supplements – NATURAL supplements. I’ve heard a lot of discussion lately about supplement this, vitamin that, and questions like, “What are you taking to enhance your performance?” What about the good old “natural” stuff like water, food, stretching, ice, sleep, rest days, and massage? You don’t need to buy anything (except food and/or maybe a tennis ball or foam roller) to do any of this. What it does take, however, to make any of these natural supplements effective for your performance is consistency. And that takes discipline – something sorely lacking in the lives of most people these days. Lets face it, most people are looking for the magic pill, the quick fix, the thing they can do that requires no investment, no effort and no time. Problem is, in spite of our crazed addiction to looking for this magic bullet, it doesn’t exist. Quit wasting your time looking for the easy road… there is no easy road. Start with the NATURAL supplements – dial them in. Then, maybe consider the other options.

I’m reminded of a slogan on an old Nike poster I’ve owned since 1985… “Eat right. Get lots of sleep. Drink plenty of fluids. Go like hell.” Funny, no mention of creatine, branch-chain aminos, coffee or Red Bull…

Pre-workout hand preparation – Shirley, Leslie & Tanya

Today’s Workout

Overhead Squats 5-5-5-5-5
– Rest –
5 rounds for time of
5 deadlifts (275/185)
10 burpees



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