Necessity is the Mother of Connection

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A) ME (Max Effort) DL
4×2 @ 90% 1RM

B) 10 min MU (“Knee” priority)
10 min Jerk – work heavy singles

5 PC&J (@ no more than 50% of Part B wt.)
5 Candlestick to pushup (beg: squat and pushup)


500m Row
100m KB Carry (24/16)
30 Goblet Lunge (single ct., alt leg – NOT walking)
*25 Burpee Penalty for letting go of KB
**See 9.16 for resultsThere was a time when being connected was literally a question of life or death. A community was a body with many arms. Some fought, some healed, some fed, and some taught. But each was necessary for survival and if one was stricken, every other one reacted like it was their body that was in need.

That was then. Now we don’t “need” anyone. If I want to, I can hide in a hole, earn money without meeting a soul, and transact for everything – safety, medicine, food, information. With survival pretty much covered, we disconnect. Without a need for others to survive, sadly, we decided we don’t need other people.

I don’t mean you don’t have relationships. Most of you do. Some of you have lots of them. But how many of you relate to the others that are close to you as you? How many people live as a part of your body? It’s rare to be so connected to someone that their need is your need and yours is theirs. Can you imagine a more beautiful achievement?

We are lucky that survival is covered (side note: in lots of places it’s not. Amazingly, you’ll find a lot more connection there). Now we get to connect. We don’t have to. We get to. We don’t have to accept roles in order to fit into a system. We can express a unique individuality and connect with people over who we are.

But a lot of the time we don’t. Why? Because an unpleasant side effect of not needing others is that somehow we started to believe that we’re not needed either.

I’ve got news for you. You are. Just look at the state of the world around you. I don’t mean poverty, homelessness, and war. I mean the sadness of disconnected human beings. No matter how many pieces you put in place that keep you merely alive, there is no substitute for human connection. To be truly fulfilled and happy, we will never not need each other.

No one survives anyway. Not a single one of us gets out of here alive. And free from the struggle for basic human needs, with everything that’s “required” already built 1000 times over, all that’s left is to build connection.

5:30 came with a force! Most RX's of the night but didn't quite beat the Nooners in participants. #secondplace #15 #NoonNotFair? #cflaclasswars #competitionday



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