Neighborhood Clean Up Time

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We take pride in a lot of things here at CFLA. Form, quality, programming, coaches, ideas, the gym, you guys …

It only seems right that we take pride in the upkeep of our immediate community, especially the areas that we use often.

To that note, on Thursday we will again clean our 200m run route. We pick up trash (and discarded clothing), pull weeds, and clean up anything else that needs attention. Last time, we filled two garbage bins!

If anyone would like to come out to lend a hand, we’ll be out there Thursday, May 28, between 2:30pm-3:30pm.

Wednesday’s Workout

“The Farmer And The Annie”
Double unders
*100m DB Farmer Carry (½ BW / ⅓ BW)

And Coming Thursday (besides Neighborhood Clean Up :))

A) For quality load, working up across sets
Overhead squats

1250m Run
3min Rest
60 Air squats
2min Rest
40 Diagonal plate chops (20 Rt, 20 Lt)
1min Rest
20 Strict pullups



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