Never Give Up

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About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a mild case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and till this day, I have not found a solution or a treatment which has rid me of this often frustrating disorder. 

There are many causes of IBS, whether it be food sensitivities or allergies, or motility dysfunction, it is a nasty health issue that often gets overlooked or misdiagnosed, or as I like to call it a blanket or umbrella diagnosis, because it covers everything. 

I have had multiple colonoscopies and endoscopies, blood tests, lactose breath tastes, you name it, and all the tests come back negative.  I have tried numerous elimination diets, trying to identify the triggers that give me problems, but it seems that I just can’t eat anything without an issue!

I have met with several Mind Body Doctors who confirmed that this is in fact a mind-body disorder, because of the brain-gut axis and the role of serotonin in the gut.  There is a special wiring between the brain and the gut, for example, this is why we get that special feeling of butterflies in our stomach when nervous, it’s all connected. 

Throughout the years of doctor visits and experimentation, there have been times when I have just wanted to quit, stop looking for answers, and to accept my condition as is, however something inside of me tells me to keep searching.  I believe that there is a reason for this condition and I won’t stop until I find the underlying cause, and a way to prevent the symptoms. 

15 years is a long time to deal with a medical issue, but I remain optimistic and hopeful that a treatment will be found.  It’s important to my mind-set that I keep up the faith, and keep moving forward in my IBS quest, because giving up is just not an option, as I won’t settle to be sick.

In conclusion, whatever it is that you are working towards, whether it be a triathlon, or a new squat clean PR, or maybe similar to my situation in finding the root cause of an illness, the best thing that we can do for ourselves is keep pushing forward and be persistent, because we need to keep up the fight in our lives!

Wednesday’s Workout:
Tire Week

  1. A) Tire box jump skill practice
  1. B) For time and reps, with a partner

   A: 30 Tire box jumps

   B: Max burpees

   Switch and repeat

   A: 30 Tire box jumps

   B: Max butterfly Abmat situps

   Switch and repeat

   A: 30 Tire box jumps

   B: Max lunges (2-ct)

And Coming Thursday:
Tire Week

A) Tire bodyweight skill practice

   8 RFQ

   5 Sucka Punch Foos with feet on the tire

B) “Team Tire!”

   AMRAP 15

   10 Air squats

   10 Tire plankups

   10 Air squats

   10 Tire taps (2-ct)

   10 Air squats

   20 Tire-anchored situps



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