Neverending Journey

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Today’s Workout

As many rounds as possible, in 20 minutes:
10’ Handstand Walk
5 Burpees w/ hollow jump
10 GHD Back Ext
15 Crab-Spider-CrabI tell people when they first come to the gym that I have not always been this way. I was not this strong. I was not this lean. I was not this shape. They smile and nod…and often do not believe me. Or maybe they hear it, but they do not get what it really means is possible for them. They have not been witness to the journey.

It has been almost six years of CrossFit LA now and I have not always been this way. Everything is different. Everything is better. It is a daily journey. I was not this way, that you know me, even two years ago. I was not this way before today. And I will grow again tomorrow.

It is a never ending journey. My body, my food, and my life, have changed little by little, day by day. It will not stop changing. I will not stop changing. Ever. As long as I continue to do the work, I will continue to evolve.

I tell you this, because you are changing, too. If you are here, if you are coming to class, then you are changing. If you want it, just show up.

You will not notice it for a while. Then one day you will catch a glimpse of yourself as you turn from the mirror, and you will think, “Who is that?” You will notice a muscle. You will notice a new shape. You will discover cheekbones.

I had never done a deadlift before CrossFit LA. I had never done a pull up before CrossFit LA. Three years ago I discovered the Zone. Two years ago I hated rowing. Last year I noticed a muscle in my leg I never saw before. Someday I will do a muscle-up.

Me, John and Andy. Kids in the pain cave. May 2008.



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