New Beginnings


“Fight Gone Silly”
Rotate through 5 stations completing as many reps as possible in one minute at each.
At the end of 5 minutes (five stations), take a 1 minute rest
Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds.
1. Hollow to arch roll
2. Skipping (measured by trips completed up and down length of gym)
3. Dolphin burpees (no sound = no rep)
4. Break dancing (table top position, thrust hip to switch arm)
5. Ape Walk (measured by by trips completed up and down length of gym)


“Strategize THIS”
With a team of 4, complete for time:
Ground to shoulder (10,000# mixed team,12,500# all male team, 7,500# all female)
150 pull ups
Squat (no rack) (7,500# mixed team, 10,000# all male, 5,000# all female)
150 push ups
Shoulder to Overhead (5,000# mixed team, 7,500# all male, 3,500# all female)
– max of 2 people working at a timeSince the very tiny beginnings of Petranek Fitness (CFLA), we’ve grown, and grown, and grown… and we’ve spawned the growth of entirely new communities among people and in places where they simply never existed before. I think all told, we’ve been directly responsible for at least 10 (maybe more?) new CrossFit affiliates over the past 8 years.

Well, it’s that time again… two of our coaches, after years of participation with us at CFLA, are opening up a place of their own. It’s not like they’re really ‘going’ anywhere or moving away (they’re opening up a CrossFit Affiliate gym called “Deuce Gym” near Rose & Lincoln), but in order to really focus their efforts on what they’re doing for their new place and new community, this will be their last official week coaching at CFLA.

I can’t really say enough great things about them to do them justice in writing. Logan came to us as an ambitious, overzealous, idealistic kid with total wonder in his eyes about 3 years ago. You should have read his first email to me… titled “The Stars Aligned” telling me about what an incredible thing to potentially have the opportunity move to LA, be a part of our team, volunteering for “large, tedious workloads at 5 in the morning”, telling me he would “exceed all expectations I had for him”. He was selling himself to be “the best office slave/intern CFLA has ever seen.” Funny thing about stating your intentions… he was right, on all counts. Logan’s done great things as both a member of our community and as a part of our team… I’ve been privileged to see his growth as an athlete and person as his boss, coach, and team-mate. And now I get to continue to witness his growth as fully responsible for his own community.

Danny came to CFLA as, quite literally, a different person. I look at his sign-in photo, and to this day, can’t believe that that was him – complete with an additional 40-50 pounds and a double chin! He’s brought nothing but good will, integrity, knowledge and fun to whatever he’s taken on at CFLA, from simply taking class, to training for the CrossFit Games and coaching classes. His energy is infectious – you can’t help but smile when you’re around him… and jeez, for a big guy, sure can sprint fast up Franklin Hill!

I’m personally going to miss seeing you both here at CFLA. Though I know the growth, your growth, is for the highest good of all concerned, it is really hard, personally to see people like you, go. I know we are going to continue to have very intertwined and supportive communities and lives (through joint events, gatherings, etc), but it will be really different not having you here each week contributing with your spirit, energy, attitude and love. Keep doing what you both do – I wish nothing more than the very best for you and what you’re building!

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