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We have a bunch of new CFLA students in Fundamentals or in private training right now who just “get us.” They are mindful and attentive and interesting. They are eager to learn every new movement well. They are excited about the possibility of better health and fitness in a sustainable way. They understand the value of good coaching and good body mechanics, but more importantly they understand that the mental side of fitness is equally important. I’m excited for them to be more integrated into the community.

As an example, here’s a post from Fundamentals student Stephan Mueller’s Facebook page about his third session:

“Small victories lead to large victories….I didn’t feel like working out this morning, but I did it anyway. My mind offered me a whole list of reasons why it would be ok not to. But I know the impact of breaking my word with myself can snowball into bad habits then reduced self esteem. I love myself enough to not allow that.Today’s workout was more a victory of the mind than anything. Now I can take this and say it’s going to be an Amazing week because I honor who I am!”

I am extremely proud of the high-quality group of veterans we have a CFLA, but I’m really excited for the up and comers, too. Make sure to introduce yourselves to them. They are your next wave of family here at CFLA.

Tuesday’s Workout
Fun Week

“Set Your Record Day!”

A) Power PR (20 min)
For load, choose 1 of the following:
     1 RM Deadlift
     1 RM Back squat or Front squat
     1 RM Bench press

B) Bodyweight PR (10 min)
For reps, choose 1 of the following:
     2min Burpees
     2min Situps
     2min Pushups

C) Metcon PR (12min)
For time, choose 1 of the following:
     800m Run
     1,000m Row

And Coming Wednesday
Fun Week

A) Kipping pullup or muscle up skill practice

Crawl anyway: windows to whiteboard
8 toes to Bar or V-ups
Crawl anyway back
8 squat jumps

C) Find 1RM Turkish Get Up (15-20min)




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