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Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
In 35-minutes, work up to a heavy 3 Back Squat
– during this time, complete 3 sets of max reps of deadhang pull-ups (BW+45/BW+15)
With a partner, accumulate 2,000m on the rower.
– effort is ALL OUT
– switch AS SOON AS partner’s split drops from all-out pace

…and coming Thursday (CAP)
2RM Hang Power Snatch
4 rounds, for reps
Max reps Hang Power Snatch @ 70% of 2RM
30 Double Unders/90 singles

No rest between snatches and double unders
Rest 1-minute between rounds

Count snatch repsI have an email folder labelled “Nice Things.” I put nice things in it.

Well, yeah, that makes sense, right? But what does that mean – “nice things.” I put emails in there that make me smile. Where someone said “good job” or “thank you” or “you made a difference.” You know those emails. I sincerely hope you receive them from time to time. I like to save them and put them in one place. That way sometimes I stumble across them. On days I forget to think nice things myself, I find them and am reminded.

Do you have a Nice Things Folder in your life? Is it a box of mementos? Is it an email folder like mine? If you don’t have one, how do you remember to think nice things about yourself when you need it?




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