No Change Too Small

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For time:
750m row
25 burpees
500m row
50 burpees
250m row
75 burpees

Courtesy of circa 2006


150m Row
10 DB Thrusters (40/25)

1 Snatch Grip High Pull
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Snatch Balance
1 Snatch

C) 12 min to find 2RM DL

D) 3 rounds for quality (RFQ) :30:30
Squat (focus on form and explosiveness out of the transition)
Strict C2B PullupsI wrote this post for the Whole Life Challenge Blog… and in reading it over again, felt it was important enough to post it here too. Please read it and leave thoughts in comments.


I started to read a blog post the other day about a British cycling team that won the Tour de France. At first, nothing about the article seemed relevant to something I would want to share with you, in the world of the Whole Life Challenge. But I kept reading…

It was an article about improving the TINIEST of things… and improving each by the TINEST of margins (by only 1%) (click here for the full article). The theory was that if you improved each tiny little thing by 1%, that the overall result, over time, would be enough to win the Tour de France, after 5 years. They took every obvious and not so obvious factor related to cycling – including but not limited things like aerodynamics, nutrition, training and hydration, to the type of massage cream and size/type of pillow for sleeping, and aimed to improve them all by at least 1%.They proved the theory wrong… it only took 3 years to produce a winner and winning team!

OK – so here it is in flesh and blood, and in living color, with real life empirical proof… little choices, itsy-bitsy tiny tiny changes, changes that are perhaps imperceptible to you in your daily life, performed consistently over long periods of time, really do make a difference.

This is why we’ve regularly talked about how the Whole Life Challenge really isn’t about the points, nor is it just about these 8 weeks. Getting a perfect score, while feeling good, and certainly an accomplishment, isn’t truly the objective. If you are able to make one teeny tiny change, and stick to it, not just over the course of the Challenge for 8 weeks, but over the course of your life for the next 3 to 10 years… what sort of impact might it have? Now, repeat that with 2, 3, 5 or even 10 things. Each imperceptibly tiny, doing each individually isn’t really even hard… but doing them all consistently over the years, when the boredom and mundaneness and normalcy of life sets in (like in weeks 5-7 of the WLC) – that’s where the juice is.

While almost none of us are training for the Tour de France, we each sort of are – our lives. And while there are many things outside of our control as to how long and how productive our life will be, these choices around health, fitness and lifestyle are within our daily grasp. We just need to reach out and seize them… no change too small.

A scene from Saturday’s CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.1 – Party or Workout?



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