No wrong way

Today’s Workout
Back Squat
40 minutes to find your 5 rep max

100 KB swings (24/16)
I look around and I see all the ways that people here train.

Some are here twice a week, some are here twice a day.
Some beat their head against a wall, some take results as they come.
Some love it, some hate it. Some do a little of both.
Some fall off the wagon, come back and start all over again.
Some go light, some go heavy.
Some train to win at something, some train just to have fun.
Some eat like cavemen, some eat like like rabbits
All of them care a heck of a lot, and all of them get results.

I look around here and I see something incredible —

There is no wrong way to do it.
If you’re doing it, you’re doing it right.


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