No More Diet Coke

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Today’s Workout
Ten Rounds:
30” Handstand Hold
30” Hollow Plank Hold
30” Arch Hold
30” Flexed Arm Hang

Start the clock and rotate exercises every 30” no matter what.
Accumulate as much time in each position as possible every 30” rotation.If I told you I don’t keep Diet Coke in my house, would you believe me? Those of you who know me well are thinking, “What??” Stanwyck is thinking, “The girl who sat in her office and cried the day before the Whole Life Challenge last year because she had to give up Diet Coke?” Kevin B. is thinking, “The girl who was downing a can of Diet Coke less than five minutes after the Whole Life Challenge ended last year?”

Yep, that’s me. And I don’t keep Diet Coke in my house anymore. Frequently I don’t even order it at restaurants. I might go a day or two without drinking it at all. I don’t drink Diet Rockstar ever either.

Some of you may be giving things up for the WLC because you have to, because the rules say so. And, like me last year, you may have no intention of making permanent change in your life. You just want to be a good student or you want to win a game.

I get it. But I also get that some day you may actually decide you want something different. You will want your life to be different. And it won’t matter if it’s a game, or if anyone else knows, or if you just do it because you know it’s the right thing to do.

For some of you, you will finish the WLC and your habits and lifestyle will be permanently changed. You will carry it’s effects away with you immediately. For some of you, you might feel the lesson a year later, like me. But the lesson is in there and it will wait as long as it needs to for you to recall it.

Keep going. Keep working. A “failure” today or even a false “win” will not determine your future. You get to do that.




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