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This is a special blog post by Niki Marek

Change has seemed to be a common theme here at CFLA these past few months, so in true Niki fashion I didn’t want to be left out and decided to stir the pot some more, creating a little of my own change. In two weeks, on June 15, I’ll be wearing non-lululemon clothes and will be starting a new adventure of my own. Yep, I got a job. I know, I can’t really believe it myself, but I did. And if you’re wondering, yes, you’re still stuck with me — a girl’s still gotta workout!

I can still recount my first day as a member at CFLA like it was yesterday. I remember driving home after my first intro session wondering why I had signed up for a $200/month membership. As a college student I had no business committing to pay for that. I called my dad, half eager to tell him about this CrossFit thing I found, half hoping that he’d bail me out and offer to help pay the bill. He listened to my not-so-sly way of asking for money, and calmly responded with: “Well, looks like you’ll need to get another job then, huh.” And so began my desire to make it work. I begged for work, and finally a coach at the time, Becca, let me start inputting waivers for the CrossFit Kids program. I showed up every day and did my waiver data entries, and slowly started getting to know the staff. As much as Michael tried to ignore my presence, even he eventually had to learn my name. After I graduated in 2011, I became a full-time employee at CFLA. It was the year of trying to gain the respect of my coworkers (so Michael would stop ‘forgetting’ to invite me to his BBQ’s), transitioning to post college life (what’s a budget?), and making some new friends (hello future roomie, nice to meet you). Team CFLA made it to the CrossFit Games, and I learned a new dance called the Cupid Shuffle. Hooverball became a regular Sunday event, and the word community started to mean something to me. Shirley became my new idol, and I too cried when I saw her get her first muscle up at regionals. I was finally invited to a Michael Stanwyck BBQ. In short, 2011 changed my life.

I want to relive each and every memory I had with some of my former coworkers and still current friends, Sam, Jonesy, Logan, Lauren, and Embo, but I’ll save you guys from a really, really, long blog. Instead, I’ll sit here for a moment and be grateful that the universe brought us together to experience what we did at CFLA during that period of time. I laugh at all of the dumb things we did in that office, all the songs we sang, all the jokes we told, and all the bacon we ate . Looking back, I cannot believe how much I’ve grown and yet, how familiar it still feels to be back with those guys.

Keeping with the theme of change, CFLA’s current staff represents yet another era of people I will hold most dear to my heart. Danette, Kenny, Chip and Shirley …..Kevin, Adam, Jamie, GC, Benet, Renee and Jen…. You won’t meet a better group of people to learn from. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them day in and day out and can tell you that no group of people is more committed to seeing you guys succeed than they are. They are who made this decision most difficult to make, and who still make me sometimes question what the hell I’m doing. No one is more supportive of this decision than they are, and it’s been an honor working with them.

But, it’s time. Time to leave the nest and see what this next adventure has to teach me. I’m not sure it can top the lessons I’ve learned here, but I’m eager to find out. I’m also terrified – why am I choosing to leave a place where I have so much love, freedom, and familiarity? That I cannot yet answer, but curiosity compels me to take this next challenge and be open to pursuing growth in new ways. Each and every one of you has taught me something; it doesn’t matter if we’ve only spoken once via email, or if I see you every day at the top of that that too-long staircase, know that you have truly affected me in the most impactful ways.

I thank Andy for giving me the chance back in 2011 to prove that I was capable (even though I was not his first choice hire—true story). He wasn’t sold on me and man, I had to prove myself to him. Thank you for the guidance you’ve given me these last few years. Michael, thank you for meeting with me also, and not giving up on me during those weekly meetings (haha). Kenny, thank you for your unwavering support and guidance in this sometimes not so easy process, you deserve a gold medal for tolerating my daily dose of nonsense. To my noon class, I’m sad to say we will soon part ways…….. I’ll miss you all more than you know. To everyone, I love you all. I feel like I’m saying goodbye, but I’ll be around, don’t worry. I just won’t be answering your emails any longer or bothering you to update your credit card information. If you need to know where to find me, catch me in class or right around the corner at the Water Gardens on 26th and Colorado working for a company called Cornerstone OnDemand. Get ready guys, you’ll soon have a new student in class!!


Wednesday’s Workout

1000m Row
50 KBS (24/16)
30 Sit to stands

And Coming Thursday
Recovery Practice

A) Air Squat Festival
Focus on external rotation

B) For quality load, working up across sets
Overhead squats

C) QAMRAP 10 at ≤70 RPE
200m Run
10 Pushups
10 DB Renegade rows (35/20)
–SOMSAVS Scoring–




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