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I’ve never been one to do things exactly by the book. I’m not talking about anything illegal. I’m just saying that the unconventional route — as long as it seems efficient — intrigues me. The road less traveled calls to me. I learned very early as a parent that this way of thinking worked in my favor. If we go into raising a child with textbook parenting “knowledge” it will probably be a very tough road ahead if we don’t learn to roll with the punches of a specific situation with a specific personality. This became one of my best parenting skills.

I coach in a very similar way and sometimes I feel it necessary to shift gears from one class to the next depending on the specific situation of what’s going with students. I come in with a well thought-out plan — and sometimes that plan gets tossed if it won’t serve students in the exact moment.

Today for example: Today was competition day. I had planned to coach into the context of competition, hoping to individualize that for each student and get them fired up about their intentions. That worked for my first class (for the most part), but during my second class that plan went out the window. I gladly tossed it when I realized they all needed more from me than a ra-ra competition speech (which is perfectly needed on other days.) They needed a little bit of nurture and a whole lot of individualization. Out of nine students in that class, six needed a movement that was not written in the workout, and between the six, not one had the same solution. There were physical challenges and there were emotional challenges. And I was happy to figure it out with them. It was like private training for a class of nine.

We are coaches to athletes trying to obtain a better quality of life through physical fitness. But we are all human beings who deal with a wide array challenges outside of the gym walls. We are bosses and workers; educators and students; parents and children to aging and sometimes ailing parents. And though this community is very good at leaving problems at the gym’s door, it is sometimes impossible to not have the stresses follow us in. We get that. And it’s ok. It’s one of the reasons we’re here. I think all of the coaches hope that this is a place you can come to lay down your worries if just for an hour.

At the end of my second class, I told the group I was more proud than anything that they had shown up despite their challenges. Movement is usually helpful. A supportive community is always helpful. Consistency is key.

Friday’s Workout

Back squat
10-10-10-10-(10) (By feel, LESS THAN 60%)

Back squat
70% x 3
80% x 3
70% x 3+

8 Evil wheels
8 Deadlifts (50-60%)

20s BR Rainbows
–Approx 40s Rest between rounds–

Saturday’s Workout

With a partner, 1 person working at a time
60 Bar muscleups
120 Hand-release pushups
180 KB Swings (24/16)
120 Lateral burpees
60 Hang squat cleans (135/95)
–40min Time cap–

Sunday’ Workout

Tri, Tri, Tri -Again

20 Cal Bike (Arms Only)
400m Run
500m Row
-1min rest-

Monday’s Workout

400m Run
15 Power snatches (95/65)
15 Handstand pushups



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