Not Everyone Has a Welcoming Committee, Oddly

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I decided during the month of April to try a bunch of different fitness classes around the city. I’m talking all types: boxing, dance, and different styles of working out I’ve never heard of. Like today, I did a general strength and conditioning class on a vibrating plate machine. The teacher was great and the movements were standard, which was cool. But the plate made me feel like my teeth were going to chatter out of my head. I’m not sure I’ll do that again, but I’m glad I tried it.

I like to take different classes because I like to see how other fitness facilities run class, how they handle logistics, how they cue people for good movement. I’ve learned plenty of class cues from yoga and spin instructors. A good coach is a good coach, and I’m always down to hone my game.

But here’s the radical difference I notice when I go to other places: though the teacher or coach may be good and engaging, I have not found many friendly fellow participants. Most everyone has been stone-faced waiting for class or they are on their phone. I often try to make eye contact to nod and say hi, which usually goes over very awkwardly. During class, when it starts to get good or fun, I look around yearning for a little interaction, but nope. I’M THE WEIRD ONE.

I think about when visitors come to our gym. It’s like we’re a herd of goofballs over-welcoming them. I love it. They think we’re fun. Or weird, but god, I wish someone would rush up to me at Plyo Jam and eagerly ask me where I’m from and what my favorite color is …

Anyway, this is a testament to our culture that you have helped create. I appreciate you and acknowledge you for being so welcoming and for being nice people. Thank you.

Tuesday’s Workout

0:00 – 20:00
1RM Deadlift

20:00 – 23:00

23:00 – 43:00
1RM Thruster

Wednesday’s Workout

250m Row
200m Run
20 Burpees
100 Double unders
–35min Cap–



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