Not Your Average Walk

Not Your Average Walk

Earlier this week, Diz blogged about some benefits of getting upside down. We had a great training cycle at the end of last year, in which we focused on the handstand hold. This current cycle, we focus on the handstand walk. During these 14 weeks, many of our students will have the opportunity to take their handstand skill to this more advanced level. At the same time, others will continue to develop their handstand hold. All of our students will also have a chance to work on their forward roll, and our more advanced students will work on using the forward roll to exit their handstand or handstand walk.

There will be one skill session for handstand walk every week during this cycle. If you want to make it to the gym for all of those sessions, be sure to regularly check the cycle programming.

It’s going to be a really fun 14 weeks of getting upside down!

Thursday’s Workout

A) 5 RFQ
500m Row
250m Paddle (50% watt)

12 Squat cleans (45%)
12 Pushups
12 Kipping pullups

And Coming Friday
Mental Toughness

“Cycle 6 Test Workout”

800m Run
800m Row
200m Sandbag front carry (100/70)
–40min cap–
–See 11/19/14–




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