Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen?

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Today’s Workout

TABATA Mash-up:
Push Press (95#/65#)
GHD (or Ab-Mat) Sit Ups
Sumo-Deadlift High Pull (95#/65#)

One round of this workout would be 20 seconds of push press, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds sit ups, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds SDLHP, 10 seconds rest.
You will do a total of 8 rounds. This is a 12 minute workout in total.

Your score is your grand total of all your reps.Something I hear a lot from people is that eating healthy isn’t fun or appetizing and that eating healthy gets boring and repetitive. I used to be in that rut, too. I can’t even tell you how many evenings I ate a burger and steamed cauliflower, or a turkey burger and green beans, before I had finally had enough. Last fall I decided to take a six week beginner cooking class and it completely changed my opinion on cooking and my relationship to food.

By gaining cooking skills I also gained an appreciation for food and an enjoyment of preparing food. I know beyond a doubt now, that healthy meals can be fun and great tasting, too. I took my class at Chefs, Inc. in West Los Angeles, but The New School of Cooking in Culver City also comes highly recommended. Both schools offer multi-week courses as well as one-off classes on various cuisines.

In addition to, or instead of, cooking classes, great cookbooks can also make a difference and spice up your culinary life. Check out this blog from Food Renegade on their Top 5 Cookbooks. I also recommend How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman.

Melissa and Jennifer show off great overhead positions.



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