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Not every day can be a good day. Some days are just really bad days. Nothing goes right. You can’t lift the weight you’re supposed to lift. You’ve never run slower. Your foot hurts. You kick the chalk bucket over and your hand rips on the second pull up anyway. CrossFit is impossible and you’re pretty sure you’re a hopeless weakling.

It would be a lie for any of us to say we don’t have those days. Almost five years into this journey, I definitely have days where I find myself presented with a particular exercise thinking, “I’m awful at this and I’m not ever getting any better.” But, really, THAT is the lie. We are getting better. We are getting stronger. Even on our worst days, we are putting in the work that will pay off in the end.

What determines your success is not whether or not you have bad days, it is how you react to that bad day. Do you go home and never come back? Do you declare the whole affair a failure? Or do you get up the next day, put your socks and shoes on and go to the gym once again. You show up and show up and show up until there is no alternative except to BE a success.

Jeff is deep in post workout contemplation.

Today’s Workout

6x Franklin Hill Repeats
– 3-5 minute rest interval
– If you’re doing this at home, find a hill that is no more than 1/4 mile long and is fairly steep. Run up it. Repeat.



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