Not Fair.  Not Easy…  Now Choose.

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Da Tiny Hoppa
Show up to find out the workout of the day!

The 6am class will pull your workout from Kenny Kane’s “Tiny Hoppa,”
a collection of 9 workouts specially selected by KK to challenge the
skills you’ve been practicing over the last 6 weeks.


A) 5 rounds, for Quality
10 TTB
10 Jump Squats
B) 3 sets on the 4:00
1 BS @ 95%+
C) For Time:
250 Row
200 Run
500 Row
400 Run
250 Row
200 Run
It’s not fair…

– That it that it takes at least 8 hours of sleep each night to get a good night’s sleep (when my life only allows me to get 5-6 hrs/night)

– That 3/4 of the food in the grocery store is food that does not support my long term health (when that’s the stuff I’d rather be eating)

– That I love chocolate, ice cream, cookies and cake so much (what that is what I crave after dinner)

– That I have a job that makes me sit at a desk for 10+ hours a day (when standing would be so much better for my posture)

– That saying “No” makes me feel guilty (when it actually supports my integrity)

– That I can’t get into great shape by just watching TV or walking around the block (when that’s all I feel like doing)

– That to maintain a really great diet, I have to spend so much time preparing and focusing on it (when I’d rather just ‘let it happen’ – hakuna matata, you know?)

– That it’s so hard to get out of bed in the morning to work out (when I’d rather just get a few more minu… zzzzz…..)

Nope – it’s not fair. Nor is it easy. And every choice means a trade off… giving something up in the moment for something you want long term. The question is… how bad do you want it?

Leila jumps right into things. #firstclass #crossfit #allwomencfla #jumprope #mentaltoughnessday



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