Not Just Working Out

Today’s Skill
Deadlift – “Angry Gorilla”

Today’s Workout
“Lil Diane Plus”
Shoulder Press

Today’s Game
Freeze TagCrossFit LA Kids isn’t just about running around and getting sweaty. It’s also about reading comprehension and communications skills. We work with the kids on weekly vocabulary words related to all aspects of health, fitness, and good sportsmanship. We sit down and talk about the word each Monday and then discuss it as it comes up throughout the week, during our workouts. At the end of each class we also log in our Success Journals. This means sitting down, talking through what we did in class, and writing it all down. We talk about the hardest parts, our favorite parts, and what new things we learned. Doing this helps the kids to look back, analyze and take some time to be thoughtful about their actions and accomplishments.

…and of course, we hand out stickers, too. wink

Hannah writes in her Success Journal at the end of class.

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