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Today’s Workout
Snatch Balance 5-5-5

For time:
100 double unders
5 overhead squats (135/95)
75 double unders
10 OHS
50 double unders
15 OHS
25 double unders
20 OHS
Have you ever done something and been “not sure” if you were doing it right? What’s funny to me is that if I go in “not sure” and someone asks me afterwards if I did it right, most likely my answer will be, you guessed it — “I’m not sure.”

There’s a really good chance that if you start “sure,” when you’re done, if someone asks you the same question, you could give them a resounding “yes!” or “no!”

While it’s perfectly reasonable to be not sure about something, especially something new, what if you didn’t allow yourself to start something unless you were willing to BE sure? I don’t mean “know you’re right,” — just be sure about your action. When you’re “not sure” you’re actually worrying about the result. Stop it! The result is later!

Imagine a clean — when you start unsure and try and think the whole time, how do you feel when it’s over?

Now imagine it this way — you mentally go over everything you’re going to do, step up to the bar, take a deep, calming breath, put your hands on the bar, tighten up, and just go. When you’re done you’re in a completely different mental place!

Now I’m not saying you won’t screw it up! But consider that it’s an experiment — and by their nature experiments NEVER fail, they just tell you something. What if all of life is a process of learning and all learning is a process of experimentation? What would be different for you if your life was a series of experiments, and you were sure about every action you took?

Boom! Goes the dynamite!



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