Not Through Moderation

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Wednesday’s Workout (CAP)
Skill Work:
Spend 20 minutes practicing technique of the push or split jerk. Choose the lift type and weight that you’ll use for “GRACE.”

For time:
Push/Split Jerk (135/95)

…and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
Skill Work:
Running Mechanics!

Hilly ~2.2 mile run. 2 laps on the map here.
The other week a friend of mine deadlifted 705lbs for 5 reps in our garage gym. Alright, so this friend happens to also be our powerlifting coach, Chris. And yes, we do have over 700lbs worth of weights in our garage gym. He had to bring his own special deadlift bar, though, as ours wasn’t long enough to fit enough weights on it for him.

Here’s a video. First he does 2-ish reps conventional stance and almost passes out. Then he switched to sumo stance and did a successful 5 reps. The time under tension is less on the sumo and allows for more explosiveness…and less blackout induction.

So, I’m showing you this video, not just because it’s amazing, which is it, but to ask you the question, how does one become a 700+lbs deadlifter? It’s not through moderation. See that monster truck in the driveway? That’s Chris’s truck. He doesn’t do anything small. He pays more attention to his nutrition than almost any human being I’ve ever met. He trains more strategically than anyone I know. He also tore out his pec last year, had elbow surgery on one elbow a couple months ago and is scheduling surgery on his other elbow soon. He can’t straighten either arm completely and the amount of pain he endures on a regular basis would shut down most human beings.

Chris isn’t most human beings. He is an extreme human being, and therefore accomplishes extreme things. But how many of us truly want to accomplish such extreme things? Watching the Olympics was great, inspiring, and emotional, but how many of us would make that sacrifice even if we had the ability? Even the CrossFit Games competitors take things to an extreme most of us have no business even considering…or maybe that we even want to consider.

So sometimes I wonder – Is the extreme useful? Is the extreme healthy? Is it simply there to inspire, so that the rest of us might be moved to just be healthy?

As a side note: the week after this video was shot Chris deadlifted 805lbs for 4 reps.



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