Nothing’s Ever Too Late

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A) Snatch – 20 Min to work a quality single

B) 4 RFR (Rounds for Reps – total score) :30:30
:30 Burpees
:30 Row for Cals
:30 Pushups
:30 DB jerks
:30 Hollow rocks


A) 20 min to complete:
FS 3×3 (+2-5)
3x max single set Chin-ups

B) 3 RFQ:
10 DL @ 65-70%
300m Run
*9 minute cutoff*

C) 4 RFT:
10 Thruster @ up to 50% of part A
10 TTB
*8 minute cutoff*

I looked in my refrigerator, which was sadly sparse. An unopened package of lentils and the left-over soggy, sweet potatoes stared back at me, daring me to ignore their compliancy. I sighed. Actually I pouted. “Why can’t I have anything fun?” After slamming the refrigerator door, I flopped downstairs, and mindlessly got on the foam roller. Minutes ticked off the ten-minute timer at the speed of molasses rolling on a flat surface. I jumped up the second the alarm rang and went to pack my gym bag for the next day. As I threw leggings and socks into the bag, I noticed a crumpled paper with green ink, the letters sharp and enthusiastic. They were my Pre Whole Life Challenge goals.

“More energy.
Feel empowered by my sense of accomplishment.
Stay engaged the entire eight weeks.
Cook more.”

It went on. I suddenly felt embarrassed by my utter lack of joy for anything challenge related just moments before. I had chosen to do this challenge for a whole page full of reasons – reasons that would only benefit me. In my current state of apathy, I was letting my pre-challenge self down, the self that was so pumped with the possibility of what I could gain from the experience. And though there are only three weeks left in the Whole Life Challenge, I feel, now, that there is no better time to recommit and finish strong. Nothing’s ever too late.

I still want more energy – though I already feel considerably better. I still want to feel empowered. I want to cook more. I want my entire goal list still including to stay engaged.

Ways I’m reengaging: Reading the WLC blog. Did you know there is a daily blog on the Whole Life Challenge website? The posts are relevant, helpful, and some have great recipes. I am also going to all the CFLA WLC events starting with the potluck on Sunday, Feb 23rd at Santa Monica Airport Park. I hope you come, too. All CFLAers are welcome.

If you feel inspired, let me know in the comments how you’re staying engaged or are recommitting.

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Kelly stays motivated. Sunny does not.



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