Now THATS a Thruster!

Now THATS a Thruster!

Yesterday, John set a personal record for 3RM (3 rep max) Thrusters – 200 pounds! This was also more than anyone else that day. Way to go, John! Heavy weightlifting days (sets of 5 down to 1) are an important part of CrossFit. One reason we train heavy is to teach our nervous system how to fire every muscle fiber simultaneously to achieve maximum power and/or strength. It also increases our overall capacity for lifting weight so that the next time you go to pick something up (whether it’s in your life, in a sport or in the gym), it doesn’t feel so heavy.

John hits his PR, and the gym's... 200#, 3 reps!

Today’s Workout
2 Rounds for time:
Run 1,000 meters
Row 1,000 meters



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