The Oak Park Iron Team is on Track!

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This past weekend, the Oak Park Iron Team was in Palm Springs, Ca for a training weekend.
On Saturday, they completed 100 miles of Cycling and the following day, ran a Half Marathon. They are 3 months into their 6 month training program and still have lots of work ahead of them in preparation for the Santa Rosa IronMan on May 12th.  Next time you see: John Bonds, Zar Eskin, Adam Gafni or Jason Levin….kick’em in the shin and say…good on ya!


A) Back Squat

65% x 5 reps
75% x 5 reps
85% x 5+ reps
B) 2 Rounds of:
10 Ring Rows
10 Handstand Shoulder Taps
– Rest 1 minute-
10 Deadlifts (45-60% of 1RM)
10 Lateral Burpees
Rest 1 minute


On a 4 minute clock, complete:

50/30 Cals on AB and in time remaining complete:
Max Shuttle Sprints (10m)*

* Score is number of shuttle sprints completed.



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