Oak Park, the Original, Lost in Tubbs Fire

If you haven’t heard, the original Oak Park — Kenny’s mom’s place — burned down in the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa a few days ago. The loss of the 15-acre fitness facility where Kenny grew up is devastating, but equally so is that the few boxes of memorabilia of his mom’s and granddad’s illustrious athletic careers — items Kenny had hand-selected to eventually pass down to his kids — also burned. The old Oak Park sign that had greeted guests for decades that Kenny planned to transfer here to punctuate our own gym’s re-branding as the “new Oak Park” was also destroyed. The decimation of the property, which comes almost two years after the death of Kenny’s mother, “had such cruel finality to it,” Kenny told us Tuesday through tears.

The incredible timing of losing the original Oak Park is not lost on us. The fact that Kenny made the decision early this year to re-brand the gym into what seemed like an extension of his mom’s legacy and vision now feels deeper in light of the news of the original’s destruction. Before the fire, we were lovingly carrying on a brilliant tradition of expansion and coaching — a familial trait that was clearly passed down to Kenny. We were exploring our possibilities as a more full-spectrum idea of well being, as the original Oak Park had done. Before the loss of Oak Park, these evolutionary ideas felt like organic ones to consider since we were already heading into a broader definition of fitness and health. But now, with the complete destruction of the past and as we are left only with the lessons of how coaching and a very tight community can create transformative connections and experiences, the mission of Oak Park now feels remarkably important. We are part of something great. You are a reason it’s great. Our connections and experiences here are so much more than just that. My own life is exponentially better because of you, because of the gym and my involvement in it. I imagine many of you feel similarly.

We are Oak Park. We are the Oak Park now, and I will continue to do everything in my power to help this place live up to not only our current quest for greatness, but also to the legacy of Kenny’s mom and the original Oak Park.


Friday’s Workout

1st: 10 SA DB Strict presses*
2nd: 10 SA DB Overhead squats*
3rd: 50 Double unders
*Switch arms each round

1st: 10 SA DB Sots presses*
2nd: 50 Double unders
*Switch arms each round

4 RFQR on the 2:00
20s Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)

Saturday’s Workout

No regular classes, but come cheer. The fun starts at 8am
BondsyQ after!

Sunday’s Workout
16 walking lunges (front rack)
48 Russian twist
400M Run
24 Plank ups

Monday’s Workout

15 Power cleans (135/95)
15 Lateral burpees

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