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Hometown:  Bowie, Maryland (near Annapolis)
Age: 39
Occupation: Software Development at a video game company
When did you first start CrossFitting?: 2013
When did you first start training at CFLA?: Summer 2015
Favorite WOD:  Anything with heavy lifting.
Least Favorite WOD: Anything with running. 

Tell us about you sports & fitness background:  I wasn’t huge into sports, mostly did weight lifting in high school, but would hike, camp and swim all the time. Lately I’ve gotten into scuba diving and sailing.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel? I had been trying to workout for years by myself with no success. I started in August of 2013 with a weight lifting program at a box in Texas. Little did I realize that there was a mini-wod at the end of each weight lifting session!  I remember my first day after doing an hour of weight lifting, struggling to finish one round of 10 burpees. Everyone in the box was cheering me on and encouraging me to finish. It was motivating and humbling at the same time. 

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)? I’ve lost about 90 lbs or so after starting CrossFit. I’m way stronger then I was in high school and more flexible.  

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?Losing all the weight was unexpected! Especially how fast it came off!  Also, I’m learning to jump rope. Which I never thought I’d do.

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / CFLA moments:  I’ve been chasing a 500 dead lift for a few months now, I’m trying to do it during my 40th year on this earth. Which is this year. I think when I lifted over 400lbs 3 times, was very motivating and humbling for me. I think playing pizza-delivery war is got to be my favorite game. Or “rowling” for burpees! Not sure which!

Any advice for people just getting started?
It’s cliche, but just do it. And water. Drink lots of water.

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit? I love sailing, scuba diving and taking underwater photos! All of these are helped by crossfit. I can grind a winch harder and faster, I have a better resting heart rate and breathing which means I use air more efficiently, and I can hold my heavy camera housing steadier because I’ve got a strong grip. This let’s me take the hard to focus shots of really tiny things! Check it out the pics on instagram @miguel_bogaert.


Friday’s Workout

Front squat
8-8-8-8-(8) (By feel)

Front squat
5-5-5-5-(5) (By feel, HEAVY!)

Kipping Skill Session
Focus on Bar kip

3 RFQR (30s:30s)
Double unders
Alt. DB Bentover rows
BR Smilies
Row for cal
–Record total DU and total cal–

Saturdays’ Workout

With a partner: Both working at the same time:
Partner A: 500m Row (Timekeeper)
Partner B: Perform an AMRAP of:
10 DB Thrusters (45/30)
10 AKBS (24/16)
10 Burpees
Then switch, and repeat once more.

Rest 5 Minutes

Partner A: 400m Run (Timekeeper)
Partner B: Perform an AMRAP of:
10 Squat Cleans (95/65)
20 Ab-Mat Situps
Then switch, and repeat once more.

1. Total time to complete both sections
2. Total rounds and reps for both partners and AMRAPs

Monday’s Workout

A) Plyo

5-5-5-5-5 (7/10 difficulty)

6 RFQR (20s:40s)
SA DB Thrusters* (25/17 %BW)
DB Russian twists
*Switch side each round



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