Off the Cliff!

Off the Cliff!

We believe that the idea behind intensity in a workout is to push your self right to the edge of the precipice… the EDGE of the precipice… NOT OVER the edge! However, to get that close to the edge, you’ve got to be OK with the possibility of going over… just as it is when you go to Vegas. While you certainly don’t go with the intent of losing all your money, you’ve got to accept that as a possibility. Sometimes, going over the edge happens, and there’s simply nothing you can do about it. What’s your experience with going over the edge?

Mike’s gone flying right off the edge with a visit from Mr. Pukey!

Today’s Workout
50 Tuck jumps
30m Burpee frog jumps
50 Wall ball (20/14)
30m Burpee frog jumps
50 Squats
30m Burpee frog jumps
50 Jumping lunges
30m Burpee frog jumps
50 Double unders



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