Ok – Marketing gone crazy… again (or should I say “as usual?”)

Here’s an example of kinda-sorta-not-really but more glossy and sexed up. This frustrates me to no end (and I hope you as well) because it diffuses the message of a very effective workout/learning tool (kettlebell) by making it the CARDIOBELL (WTF?) and throwing models into swimsuits… listen, I respect everyone’s right to market their “idea” of a training system but it’s obvious that if the person(or company and marketing people – let’s be honest) actually worked out with kettlebells they would not produce this product…. this is just another example of people taking a “notion” of an idea they “heard” was hot:

Actually it believe it would go down something like this.


Bustling city below


A TEAM OF EXECUTIVES, all about 40-60 lbs overweight, sit at a conference table with charts and graphs and everyone has a MOCHA FRAP and a bagel in front of them… with low fat cream cheese of course.

BIG WIG: Team, we need something to sell that is portable and could rival our sister-divisions BOWFLEX dumbell set.

SMARMY EXEC: Sir, I saw these things in some training video, very kitsch, very retro.. and retro is in… I believe their called CATTLE BALLS.

SMARMIER FEMALE EXEC: It’s pronounced KETTLE BELLS for those who are in the know… I’ve personally used them before, well my trainer made me. They ahve been around and they are definetly in.

BIG WIG: In??! I love being “in!”

You could see where this is headed.

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