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Wednesday’s Workout (CAP)
Deadlift (1.5x BW/BW)

…and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
Skill Work:
Spend 20 minutes practicing technique of the push or split jerk. Choose the lift type and weight that you’ll use for “GRACE”

4 rounds
300m run
16 KB swings
9 Pullups
Compare to “Helen” timeLast night my boyfriend and I were talking, and I said to him, “We get to be old people together!” He said, “Yes, dear, but not until a long time from now.” It got me thinking about why I work out, and how I want that long time from now and all the time in-between to look.

I used to work out just for me. Over the years I worked out to achieve my personal goals, to achieve an aesthetic purpose, to cope with life, to compete, to make friends, to learn skills, to be a better coach. But last night I started thinking. Why do I work out right now? Who do I work out for? And I figured it out.

I work out so I can be ninety with Winslow. I work out so we can be free-wheeling, free-spirited, kick ass senior citizens. We workout together to ensure our bodies are not the things that determine the course of our days, but rather our bodies are readied to support whatever our minds dream up.

I used to work out just for me, but now I work out for the bigger picture. Now I work out for us. I want to be old people together someday. Adventuring, lively, sprightly, active, healthy, badass old people.

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