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I know that when I was a younger athlete, my ego would have been more than a little bruised if an athlete in her 40’s would play better than me. Granted I wasn’t exposed to many ball players then playing at my age now. But I love that at CFLA many of our high performing athletes are not just in their 40’s, but well beyond, too.

Training consistently is certainly important to staying relevent as an older athlete. But training wiser is truly the key. Our programming here is a testiment to that. Traversing a varied terrain of intensities and context makes training sustainable; or, bottom line, wiser. Sometimes I get that our most competative athletes feel that the workouts get formulaic in their exactitude. I, too, sometimes feel that way. But, in general, in the big-picture of things, I do not want to train any other way.  Staying focused on the context at hand during a workout is much harder than it seems. And in the long run builds a better athlete. All of our, ahem, mature athletes would say the same because many of us are still performing well because of it.

Congratulations to Thomas Cushing who finished as the 9th fittest scaled 45-49 man in SoCal for the 2016 CF Open. I placed 8th in the female version of that category. Pete Mann placed 31st in the 55-60 age bracket. Ken Jones participated in his first Open at age 71. Tanya Bentley consistently did well in the Rx division. And most notably, Andy Petranek placed 21st in the Rx 45-49’s in SoCal and 297th out of 11,216 worldwide! Impressive indeed.


Tuesday’s Workout

1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 Kipping Pullups

Wednesday’s Workout
Practice Recovery

1k Row
–2min rest between rounds–

B) QAMRAP 12 @ ≤7 RPE
300m Run
12 Strict ring dips
12 Squat cleans (40%)
–SOMSAVS Scoring–




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