Ongoing business support

I’m not sure how many people know there are levels of support AFTER attending one of our seminars. This is done to reinforce new tools, habits, standards and goals. We accomplish this through all the ways that CrossFit group classes work which is accountability, transparency, competitiveness, camaraderie, and collective experience. Take a moment and read what is being posted in the BIZ NETWORK FORUM link above and to the left margin of this page.

Send me a question on any of the posts you may not understand. Let me know if you would like to get one month free and we’ll include you on the next month of information, conference calls and access. Post to comments.

Limited to the first 12.

CFLA: The BIZ At the CrossFit Affiliate Gathering 2009 Part 2 from CrossFit LA – The BIZ on Vimeo.

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