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When walking the dogs tonight, I saw what I thought was a Christmas tree in the window of someone’s home. I stopped, took a couple steps back, and stared. It was definitely a Christmas tree. I tried to think of today’s date. November 12 — which reminds me, I have to take down the Halloween decorations.

I LOVE Christmas and the holiday season, but this bothers me. I don’t particularly love the true history of Thanksgiving, but I love the celebration of gratitude it now represents. Plus Thanksgiving food?! Hell yes! So stop rushing me, Christmas!

I get that this earlier and earlier push is shoved upon us to send more money — because that and coffee cups are what the holidays are all about! — but it doesn’t mean we have play along. I want to enjoy today, November 12. I want to appreciate what’s directly in front of me for a second. I don’t want to see a Christmas tree when I haven’t even decided yet what I’m making for Thanksgiving, you know?

But I really should take down these Halloween decorations.


Friday’s Workout
Recovery: Practice

A) Handstand Extravaganza
Focus on position

B) QAMRAP 10 at ≤ 7 RPE
200m Row
20 Jumping lunges
100m SB Front carry

3-5 x 2 (~90-95%)

Saturday’s Workout

2 Circuits Bear Complex (115/75)
200m Run
4 Circuits Bear Complex
400m Run
8 Circuits Bear Complex
800m Run
4 Circuits Bear Complex
400m Run
2 Circuits Bear Complex
200m Run

Sunday’s Workout

“The Ten”

10 Rounds for Meters
1 min row sprint
1 min rest

Monday’s Workout
Cycle 9 Retest Week!

Front squats (205/135)
–7min Cap–
–3min Rest–
1k Row



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