One Perfect Rep

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Today’s Workout

Bring a Friend Day!

Wet Partner Helen
6 Rounds*, for time alternating with your partner
250m Row
12 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
6 Pull-up

*1 round is complete when each partner has taken their turnI’ve heard that Arnold Schwartzenegger once said that one rep, perfectly performed, is more valuable than 10 reps performed without thought. Or something like that. It may be lore for all I know, but it doesn’t really matter.

Did he mean that I should do one perfect rep and call it quits if I’m not going to stay focused? Maybe he meant something really straightforward like that, but I think there could be more to it. I think he meant that even if there are 100 to do, all I have to do right now is one perfect rep. Then another. Then another. Perfecting this rep. Until I’m done. So much of the time I make the last rep the only one that counts, and then I don’t remember anything that came before it.

Making it count



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