One Year Ago

Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Hang Squat Clean
500m Row for time
rest 3 minutes
500m Row for time

…and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
For time:
8 muscle ups OR 16 dips
16 knees-to-elbows
24 burpees
32 GHD situps
40 wall ball (20/14)
48 OH walking lunges (45/25)
56 KB swings (24/16)
64 squats
800 m runOne year ago I was furiously packing. One year ago I was halfway between Los Angeles and Portland. One year ago I was saying goodbye to all of you and hello to the next stage in life.

It’s funny to me I’m posting the blog for 8/22. August 22nd was the day I officially drove my little red car into Portland, Oregon and called it “home.” It’s strange that it’s been one year. It feels like so much longer and so much less. It feels like forever since I’ve seen you all; it feels like yesterday I arrived here.

When I look at the list of things I said I wanted in my life, a year and a half ago, I see I am surrounded by them now – I created them. And yet, I feel as if I’ve always had these things. I remember you all clearly, and think of you often, but everything I have in this life seems such a good fit that it feels strange to ponder it was ever otherwise. It all feels right. So right that any other existence seems illogical.

I have not once doubted since I arrived here that this was meant to be my home. And concurrently, I am grateful for every moment I had with you all. CrossFit LA made it possible for me to even be truthful with myself about my dream, my vision. And beyond that, it empowered me to take that vision and manifest it into reality. To such a degree that I never doubted my way.

It’s like a past life, whole and complete. You come to me in bits and pieces. You make me smile. I feel your spirits wisp around me, catch a glimpse when I least expect you.

Without my CrossFit family, without Andy, without Michael, without each of you who shared even one minute of my time there, this would not have happened. Without you I would never have packed that little red car to the hilt. I would never have driven off into the unknown. Without you, I would not have found my heart and my home.

CrossFitLA Image

You still work out with me, here in my garage gym.

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