Opportunistic Training

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Thursday’s Workout (CAP)
“330” Challenge workout

300m Run
30 Squat Cleans (155/105)
300m Run
30 Push or Split Jerks (155/105)
300m Run

…and coming Friday (NO CAP)
Franklin Hill
3x3rd Lamppost
on the 3:30
4x2nd Lamppost
on the 2:30
5x1st Lampost
on the 1:30Sometimes I can get really tunnel visioned about training. You know, work out & eat well. And that’s all training means. Then I’ll shake myself for a second when I notice that there are a heck of a lot of other things that go into my health and well-being besides workouts and food. Like sleep, relaxation, standing instead of sitting, drinking water, taking fish oil, etc. I started thinking about a whole routine — like what will I do over the holiday or if I am on vacation if working out (or eating) takes a back seat to fun?

Think of it in terms of “opportunistic training.” What opportunities do you have right where you stand to advance the cause of your well-being? See, there’s not always time. We experience that all the time. Sometimes, such as during a holiday, motivation is lacking. What can you do anyway to keep your eye on the fitness ball? If you start to build something that doesn’t rely on just one or two inputs you can constantly be moving pieces on your board? What could your life look like if you never went a day without managing at least one input towards your health. And I don’t mean getting it by accident, like just happening to drink a lot of water or get a lot of sleep. Intentionally being the director of the action and having the experience of being in charge no matter what is happening?

What are the simple actions that you can take each day that change this from a two input game to an infinite input game?

Mmmm…snack time



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