The Original Spirit

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When you hear Andy talk about the earliest days of CrossFit, one of the things that stands out to me is how gyms back then collaborated on best practices. Box owners consulted each other, shared ideas, solved problems together. Since these pioneers were all taking on something so new ten years ago, it only made sense that these first few muddled through unchartered territory together.

Needless to say, that collaborative culture has diminished drastically in the wake of CrossFit’s trailblazing popularity and saturation of the market. We don’t even know some of the newest gym owners that have popped up in the last year.

But in many ways, we try to keep at least some of that mindshare spirit alive. Andy still talks to some of the owners of his original collaborative group – the ones that are still around. Kenny has an amazing network and is constantly picking owners/coaches’ brains, and vice versa. And we keep a connection to Deuce as friends and respected coaches. We gladly lent them rowers for a CF Open workout, and just yesterday, Logan came by to give our coaches a clinic on sandbag strongman stuff – things that we want to bring to you . We needed more instruction from a coach who has already sharpened his strongman skills. Logan was a big help, and we can’t wait to pass this stuff on to you.

The original spirit of CrossFit was always about doing things better and more efficiently, and not being stingy with information nor encouragement. How can we move better? Why do new skills? How can we build the best gym? I suppose it’s idealistic to think this is still possible when there are so many CrossFit gyms in very close proximity, but I love the thought of Andy sitting around with a brave, innovative group of coaches and athletes who just wanted something better for themselves, their students, and each other. Though that spirit has dwindled, I’m happy that we’ve kept connections – a select few – because even though we’ve been around a decade, we still always want to do things better.  


Today’s Workout

“The Pulling Doss”
10 Rounds For Time:
200m Run
15 Squats
5 Pull Ups

And Coming Monday

15 DL (225/155)
50 DU



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