Our NEW T-shirts are in!

About three months ago, we decided that it was time to order new T-shirts… and we decided we needed a new design. I began down that road… geez did it have a lot of ups and downs and large potholes (actually some could be called sink holes!) With a lot of help from our staff (thanks especially to Becca & Cill), and multiple back-and-forths with the graphic designer at or printer, Block Alternatives (thanks, Juan, for being so patient and accommodating), we finally came up with a design. I still wasn’t sold on the idea of our logo being ONLY on the sleeve… until, that is, I got them in the mail yesterday. OK, so I know I’m biased and all, but I think they’re AWESOME… plus we’ve got Baby T’s for the girls! Here’s a link to our store where you can buy them… or you can get one the next time you come in.

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Today’s Workout
Run 5k for time

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